Cybercoins are a not very valuable but very useful currency in the game. Cybercoins appear to be a less valuable version of gold. Cybercoins are collected pretty much anywhere.


Cybercoins are obtained at the space bridge, and during battle. Cybercoins are collected commonly at the space bridge in groups from 250 to 3000 at the most. 250 is regular at basic drops, and 3000 and gold drops. Battles usually give thousand of them, so cybercoins can be highly stocked up in tens of thousands.


Cybercoins are used to level up characters before Power Tokens come in to use for the last levels. Cybercoins are also used to speed up things - sometimes. cybercoins are used hundreds to thousands at a time. Meaning they come in packs. The usage is is limited, but leveling up adds health, attack power, and sttistcs of that character.