When you press the Setting icon in top bar, you will see many settings option

Ui setting main

Explanation of each option:

Option Description
Sounds Turn On/Off the visual sound effects
Music Turn On/Off the background music
Ui video replays
For iOS only, have to enable Kamcord before battle

and then after the battle can choose to Share Replays

Ui facebook connect
Will connect to Facebook, after finish login, there will be Disconnect button in the Account screen

Finishing the process for the first time to your personal Facebook and you will receive 50 Gold and Trailcutter

By connecting to Facebook, it will automatically show Facebook friends Rankings PVP points where you can message them to recruit them.

Ui setting tell a friend
Using Short Message Service to tell about the game
Ui setting notification
Select the notification you want to receive when an event occured (press ON)
  • Character Recruited = when a character finish being recruited
  • Character Repaired = when a team finish the repair
  • Energon Recharged = when the Free Energon are ready to be claim
  • Drops Ready = when the Free Space Bridge Drops are ready to be claim
  • Event Rewards = when the Events finish and reward are ready to be claim
  • All Notifications = all of the above
Ui setting account
In this screen you can :
  • Disconnect : Will disconnect the game from your personal Facebook account.
  • Link Account : you can transfer the account from one device to another by using Google Account or One Time Code. There is also an User ID to be use when asking for support
  • Terms Of Use : will go to external Dena TOS
  • Load Saved Game : Loading a save game
  • Privacy Policy : will go to external Dena Privacy
  • Support : will go to external DeNA Support Center for TRANSFORMERS:Battle Tactics

You can also see easily the User ID and Game Version ID in the most right bottom.

Community The button will go to external DeNA Games Forum - TRANSFORMERS Battle Tactics
Ui setting performance
Battery Saver will try to display off when there is no activity
Ui setting change name
You can change name and after checking no duplicate, you can pay 10 Golds