These are some basic tips for the game:

  • You will receive 1 energon when you start recruiting a bot.
  • You will receive 1 energon when you have recruited that bot.
  • You will receive 3 energon when place for your advancement series AND when you complete your series successfully.
  • Every 16 hours, you can collect free energon from the energon store.
  • You can watch a video advertisement for free energon, this has limited to the ads available in your region.
  • You can speed up the space bridge Deluxe Drops, by watching advertisements, this reduces the wait time by 4 hours. There is limit to how many times this can be done.
  • In the character screen: You can select a character and tap it to view the transformation, see the special abilities and other statistics when in alternate modes, and decide if it's worth an investment.
  • In the battle screen: When fighting other team's transformers, you can tap the enemy and view all the attack info, special status, and or ability(ies).

There are many statistics to be calculated for Transformer Battle Tactics Characters, such as:

  • Rankings PVP: Affects the resources required to reach the maximum level for that character.
  • Faction: Affects team bonuses.
  • Class: Affects when make team for monthly guest.